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Coaching with you has been an invaluable experience. It has entirely redirected the trajectory of both my personal and professional life. Coaching fosters an immense amount of growth and introspection. I definitely feel grounded and confident to act as an agent of my own life–living actively, not passively.

Kaylah B.

COACH YVONNE IS THE TRUTH!!!! I spent two years looking for a coach and even did group coaching where I was told I couldn’t get the one-on-one help I needed. I was so frustrated but I knew I couldn’t stop looking because I was stuck and it was vital for me to find a coach because after all this was my LIFE and being STUCK was not an option. During our first few conversations, Coach Yvonne was able to identify one of the areas in my life, where I was stuck before I even mentioned it. This intrigued me. Then I found out that she wrote a book titled “UNSTUCK”. Confirmed! She was exactly what I’d been looking for. She went above and beyond providing me with practical strategies, planting seeds to expand my mind, and creating space for me to be transparent. My mom shared that I had made more progress in the few months of coaching than she had seen in the last few years! I can’t wait for Round Two in 2024! Coach Yvonne changed my mind and my life. Hands down she is the BEST!

Tori C.

In a recent coaching session, Yvonne used her framework in a way that connected me with my vocation and purpose. I felt stuck, but I acted on the tasks immediately and achieved a major result and a potential job offer within 2 weeks. Yvonne creates an environment where personal growth and accountability thrive. As you cultivate skills and embrace accountability, your ambitions will bloom like a vibrant garden. With Yvonne’s unique framework, coaching, and consulting skillsets, she unlocks your hidden potential, transforming it into a formidable force. Think of her as a master conductor, orchestrating your strengths into a symphony of success. No limits, no “glass cliffs” – just obstacles you’ll conquer. Yvonne is your guiding compass. Her wisdom envelops you, providing support and encouragement. Together, you’ll unlock your true potential and set sail towards a future filled with possibilities.

Theresa K.

After reading her book, “Unstuck: The First Five Steps For Living Your Best Life”, I approached Yvonne seeking a coach that could help get my vision and purpose back on track. Her unique ability to share valuable life coaching tools and techniques in a systematic and relatable way made our coaching sessions effective and quite enjoyable. Yvonne’s comforting persona makes it very easy to talk to her on just about any subject matter that comes to mind. Life can be quite challenging and unpredictable and I would highly recommend you have Yvonne in your corner. I am fortunate to have made that decision and am reaping the benefits of having her a phone call away. Thank you again Yvonne for your unwavering love and support!

Sean H.

Throughout our time together, I shared my struggles and victories with the homework Yvonne assigned to me. Yvonne listened, challenged me, and asked questions that prompted me to evaluate my choices and behaviors. She encouraged me, cheered me forward, and celebrated my milestones. Yvonne laughed with me and cried tears of joy for me. She kept me accountable. She referred me to others outside of her expertise for additional services and support. Yvonne was invested in my success.

Yevonnie L.

When I initially sought a life and career coach, I didn’t truly think through the transformative experience that I would go through. I thought I had it mostly together since I’m already successful and have accomplished many of the goals I set out to do. But I was honest enough to admit that I was missing a big piece to the “What’s next?” puzzle. A general search on Google and a consultation with Yvonne unlocked the mentor/auntie/coach juggernaut that I didn’t know I needed. Yvonne has equipped me with the tools necessary to be intentional with my current goals and beyond. I’m so glad I took the leap to reach out to Yvonne and hire her to help me find solutions that work for me.

Shana A.

I never considered that I’d need a life coach. However, new levels require an expanded mind to reach out for guidance, to help navigate unfamiliar waters. I told the Universe, “If I’m supposed to go this route, place the person in front of me”. As I scrolled through Instagram, Yvonne pops up, sharing how she can help others change their lives. When I saw her, I knew instantly that she was the coach for me. We sealed it with a consultation call and the rest is history. I felt like I spent hours on my Auntie’s couch. The one who gives that tough love when needed, but the guidance you appreciate because you can see how the small changes she suggested for your life, made a great difference! I’ll forever value my 12 weeks with Yvonne. She helped to relight the flame in me that went dormant, from being overwhelmed with the duties of life. She helped me put everything in its proper place and to strengthen my foundation, in preparation for my explosive next level of greatness. I’m forever grateful Yvonne! Love you for life!

Candace A.

I came to Yvonne focused on only one area of my life, my work. I was completely lost as to if I should move forward in my career and if so, what would be my next step.

Yvonne’s step-by-step method helped me to get clear about what I most wanted from life. Within the first month of coaching, I decided on my next adventure and worked through the homework to establish goals and a strategy. Today, I am happily pursuing my dreams.

Thank you Yvonne for guiding me through this amazing self-discovery.

Priscilla B.

I found Yvonne at just the right time to bring things home.  She provided guidance to ensure that I had a stronger foundation with the basics firmly intact.  But she provided an unexpected, but effective holistic approach to help work on the mind, the heart, and the wholeness of who I am.  In order to be a better business owner, it started with being a better me.

I’m grateful to her for helping to put things in perspective, challenging me to be more accountable to myself, and providing a safe space where I could recognize and release all of the roadblocks and excuses that my inner saboteur had grown accustomed to.  Best of all, I regained the belief in myself that I was sound enough to move forward on my own, understanding that I was put on the right path, aware of my resources, and prioritizing my time and activities accordingly to set myself up for success.

LaShundra R.

I am incredibly grateful for meeting Yvonne and having the privilege of working with her.  Her life design program is highly recommended and has been the best investment that I’ve made in myself.  I’m happy that I’m no longer stuck and that I have tools in place so that I can continue to be successful and live a fulfilled life.

Tiffany S.

I got to know Yvonne in her business coach capacity before I worked with her as a life coach. So, I’d like to speak to her business coaching services for a moment: if you run a business or a team, or if you have the ability to influence someone who does, please consider partnering with Yvonne. She will help introduce or elevate culture, purpose, and direction at your workplace. Companies take these things for granted—they are rarely considered, defined, communicated, or implemented as they could be, and they make the difference between good and great organizations.

Melanie H.

Through both structured exercises and free-flowing conversation, Yvonne helped me to take stock of my current situation and aim towards the future I want to live in. Yvonne has been immensely helpful in my efforts to define a vision as well as the goals needed to realize it. I thoroughly recommend her coaching programs to anyone looking for clarity, introspection, and high-quality feedback.

Ben O.

… beginning my life coaching sessions with Yvonne was one of the best decisions I ever made… and more importantly, I am so proud of myself for the work I put in and what I’ve achieved so far. One of the most interesting realizations I came to during my coaching sessions was that many of the topics Yvonne covered and coached me on were things I already somewhat knew… but just like an athletic coach/trainer, I needed her to review my steps, show me where I was off, and teach me what I could be practicing in order to improve in different areas of my life… from visioning to time management, to budgeting, and more. I needed someone to hold me accountable; to push me to be honest with myself and to be crystal clear about my vision for my life; and finally, to remind me to take it one step at a time. Yvonne is not only my life coach, but she is also an accountability partner, a friend, a mentor, and most importantly, another strong woman who walked in my shoes and offered guidance and practical solutions to help get me back on track.

Stacie L.

Yvonne has worked with our nonprofit organization over the past year to help move our clients closer to long term self-sufficiency. She is able to quickly get to the core of every situation by pairing her no-nonsense, straightforward approach with careful listening.

Yvonne has been very successful at helping our clients to think more deeply about themselves and to chart a more positive course forward for their lives. Her unique approach to coaching has made it easy for our clients to transition effectively and quickly between content and implementation.

Gilda P. – CEO, Instepp Inc.

Yvonne Victor is an amazing life coach. She has all the attributes I wanted in a coach. I found her to be a skilled listener, patient, knowledgeable and motivational. She inspired me in ways I wasn’t expecting and provided just the right amount of support without being overbearing or pushy. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a new perspective or help refocusing. You will not be disappointed.

Patrice D.

You’re really good at putting your finger on a problem or concern when someone is talking or texting. You zoom in from a high-level super quickly to relevance and either relate or provide constructive solutions.

Lakshmi V.

You have a positive and upbeat attitude, as well as a gracious character. Plus, your pep talks are memorable.

Richard W.

No matter where I was in life, Yvonne has always been there to listen and encourage me through the ups and the downs. Working full time and making a three-year commitment to go to law school, through the night school program was a big decision to make. Yvonne and I talked at length about the pros and cons. She helped me make the choice to put in the effort and pursue my passions, and I have never regretted it. Later, when I made the decision to leave corporate life in order to pursue starting my own consultancy company, Yvonne was again supportive of this move. She helped me find the self-confidence that I could do this, and that taking a chance on myself was a move that I could not pass up. Yvonne is a true friend and a great guide to whatever life has to bring.

Jeffery P.

As a colleague, friend and life coach Yvonne has been cheering me on for over 5 years now. Every challenge I have faced I have been able to rely on Yvonne to remain calm and level headed, to help me focus on the impermanence of the situation and remain future focused. During rough times, Yvonne is a rock. She has an amazing ability step back and look at the big picture, keep me out of my head, and help me develop and stick to a plan that keeps my long-term goals alive regardless of short-term challenges or hiccups. Yvonne’s amazing ability to simultaneously keep things “real” and also be compassionate and loving, has definitely had an impact on me.

Angelean H.

Yvonne is an excellent coach. She keeps you focused on what’s important and holds you accountable. All the while, you feel her warmth and compassion coming through. I’m so glad that Yvonne was there to help me navigate some of the most challenging growth periods in my life.

Karen K.

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