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03 Jan, 2019

Limitless Living: Jumpstarting Your Personal Growth

I love a good Southern Sunday Brunch, and if you are anything like me…so do you. Smells mix and mingle in the air while you and your fifty closest friends hover over carved meats, shrimp and grits, sausages and bacon glistening under a lamp, and then the “piece de resistance”, the dessert tray. Food, glorious food sits like sculptures, beckoning patrons to scoop, pluck, grab, and taste to their heart’s delight and they do. With plates piled high, they teeter-totter past one another, back to their tables to enjoy their bounty.

Very similarly, life has also laid out a bounty of experiences for the taking. However, our behavior at this buffet is quite unusual. We cautiously approach the table, glance over a shoulder or two to examine the options, and ponder for years at a time, only to choose a cracker. Yes, a cracker. Life presents us with new items daily and practically begs us to try something new, but all we do is take another cracker. In the end, we sit there with a lap full of cracker crumbs and wish we had tried the lobster. We “wash, rinse and repeat”, rarely adding any variation to our routines.

So, why do we do this? Happy you asked. Did you know that up to 95% of the decisions that you make are on the subconscious level? Don’t worry, your 5% is considered. However, your brain has learned to conserve energy by creating shortcuts to decision making and one of those shortcuts is to default to primal behavior. Our minds have been keyed up for survival since the beginning of mankind, and risk-taking is in no way, a part of the agenda. We are coded to avert danger, harm, and the unfamiliar and while danger and harm are understandable, the unfamiliar can be the key to an incredible life. If we constantly avoid the unfamiliar, we stay stagnant and do not experience life at its full potential.

My life started in a very limited environment. I grew up in a poor, blue-collar family and like most families in the neighborhood, we operated from a survival mindset. When you’re poor, dreaming is a luxury; no thinking outside of the box. You’re just trying to make it to the next day, and the day after that. You stick to what works because there is no margin for error. However, those of us who were able to create different lives for ourselves were successful because we dipped our toe in the pool of the unfamiliar. We broke with the status quo and tried something new and different. We ate the lobster and our lives are fabulous because of it.

So where are you holding back? How happy do you allow yourself to be? What limits have you put on your success? Have you dared to dream bigger, bolder dreams? I ask you– are you living the life you really want to live? Limitless living calls forth the full expression of ourselves and our unbound potential. We engage our evolved consciousness and shape our lives in the fashion that we desire. This is when we are at our best.

In coaching, we help you to move past these primal blocks. We encourage you to consider new perspectives and alliances and support you in your evolution. Controlling the primal mind takes effort but a trained coach can share tools and paradigms that make that goal attainable. You’ll discover that your mind is more engaged in the decision-making process, your world better reflects your desires, and your life is more fulfilled. Life Coaching is an investment worth its weight in gold!

Now look back at the lobster. Don’t you want more than just a cracker?

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