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21 Jan, 2019

The Best Gift Ever: Why Self-Care Matters

“Self care” is a hot topic lately that’s been used to describe everything from face masks to meditation. But what does self care really mean? In this stressful holiday season, investing in taking care of yourself, your wants, and your needs is the single most important gift you can give. Self care, or self investment, will look different for each person depending on your unique circumstances – but broadly defined, it’s about being as kind to yourself as you are to others.

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04 Jan, 2019

First Five Things: How to Create a Morning Routine

It has been said that the morning hours hold the most potential and the things that you do in the morning set you up for success or failure throughout the day. In other words, you set the tone of the day. Have you ever had the alarm go off and you find yourself angry at the alarm for doing what you set it up to do? You snatch the covers off and schlep to the bathroom mumbling expletives under your breathe, only to stub your toe on the door frame.

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03 Jan, 2019

Limitless Living: Jumpstarting Your Personal Growth

I love a good southern Sunday Brunch, and if you are anything like me…so do you. Smells mix and mingle in the air while you and your fifty closest friends hover over carved meats, shrimp and grits, sausages and bacon glistening under a lamp, and then the “piece de resistance”, the dessert tray. Food, glorious food sits like sculptures, beckoning patrons to scoop, pluck, grab and taste to their hearts delight and they do.

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